End of Notification Requesters

Since the dawn of computer mice, anyone who has used virtually any type of commercial computer has had to use the requester. You know the drill -- a little notification box appears on-screen with a message and the requisite 'OKAY' button that you have to click in order to get it to disappear.

A smarter technology would feature the box timed for a number of default or user-selected seconds and then disappear of its own accord. But wait -- we are not defeating the purpose of the message -- it can be retrieved, extension-style, by hovering mouse pointer over a special piece of screen real estate in a task bar or application launcher positioned somewhere on the screen.

So there you have the basics of how to stop screen requesters from being annoying while additionally making a little use of the abandoned 'log file.'


Some wonderful things have been done with screen technology -- pretty fodder for a separate post. You can expand your screen real estate in numerous ways using real applications that will provide desktop clutter only on demand. You will be glad to know that this can be achieved both by software as well as by the hardware method of fusing more than one monitor to your desktop.

Technically you can point at any number of obsolete 'screen features' that should had been changed a long time ago. Windows 8 wasn't quite 'it,' although it has provided a brilliant complement to standing tablet technologies. I have slept through 9 and 10, so let's not go into that ;-) At the moment, my Kindle Fire has enough power for the majority of what I want to accomplish, and this mobile keyboard solves the constrictive typing problem.