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Hi, everyone;

Welcome to Optericus!

The blog's name derives from what it means to reference light from a virtual surface of complex integration potential. It were that sort of territory in concept. I want it to be easy in the scheme-of-things for those so-equipped to enjoy virtual reality as undemandingly as possible.

I'm looking to turn my mainstream computer research from Internet to anything about operating a computer into hindsight. We're more on the geeky side with hindsight, so I won't be writing articles about how to use a computer mouse but rather explain from my own experience such eclectic concepts as, "Why reality ate my hand."

I foresee that I'm coming from my college experience in psychology, which gets into such matters as human factors engineering, ergonomics, and user-friendliness that have sometimes never really been improved over the ones that began sometime during the early home computer revolution of the 1980's.

There shall be a PayPal contribution button visible on the site this time for in case I make anyone's day awesome. Maybe I can help someone find a dream job in technology by sharing what I know.

In the meantime I'm coming close to finishing up a career move into electronics troubleshooting and repair.