I thought after seeing a bad trend among electronic devices -- which for some reason just had to include fascist bomber improvisations -- that chance encounters with tech left lying about in open spaces probably should be regarded like bombs. And this -- not only because Samsung's Galaxy 7 electronic abacus blew up, but because electronic devices would be the simplest of existing devices to convert into explosive potential.

Liberty Redux

I'm hoping that one day all you'll have to do would be to place any suspect electronic device into a small bombproof metal container and contact an electronics expert to get a professional breakdown on what you have discovered.

For the container, the instant it shuts it would trip off a gas exchange and fill with an inert gas such as Helium until detection equipment can sense no trace of oxygen. Whereby, foreseeably, any possibility of detonation may be prevented, although some explosive types could contain oxygen-rich chemistry.

Sure, why am I not saying contact a bomb squad? Because bomb squads should be privatized! Any professional who knows what to do could handle this type of scenario.